Dec 09

MIMM : Weekend Highlights and Decorations

Written by: Harsha Vadlamani

Happy Monday Everyone !!! Time for MIMM hosted by Katie.

MiMM MIMM #77 My Sisters Beautiful Wedding and Birthday Celebrations!

Lets first start with the weekend recap.

Friday :  It was low key evening for me and my daughter at home as hubby had Christmas Party at the office. So just cleaning the home, working out and sorting things around the home.

Saturday: We had friends come over and stayed till late chatting so not so productive day but much needed gossip Smile with tongue out.

Sunday: Finally did the much needed grocery shopping and deep cleaning the whole home ( especially the bath tubs not so fun Sad smile). Also hubby did put up all the remaining decorations outside so the house is finally done. Need to put up some stockings some time this week.  Here are some my home decorations pictures.

Its Monday so time for the Weekly Meal Plan.

Monday :  Eggplant Curry, Broken Wheat / Roti , Cabbage Peas Masala

Tuesday : Leftovers / Vegetarian Chilli

Wednesday : Leftovers / Birthday Party Dinner

Thursday : Chayote Kootu, Broken Wheat / Leftovers, Roti, Eggplant Potato Curry

Friday : Ridge gourd Curry, Broken Wheat / Quinoa Veggie Burgers

Hows your weekend? Did you do something fun??

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