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Fitness Friday # 1 : Full Body Workout Plan

Happy Friday Everyone. As I am currently on Detox Cleanse Challenge, I am also working out 5-6 times a week. As part of this challenge I am going through lot of workout plans and modifying them according to my ease. I do all of my workouts from home, so I try to look and search for those workouts which can be done from the comfort of home with less / no equipment. From this Friday I will be starting a new post Fitness Friday with a new workout plan.

Coming to today’s workout as the title says it’s a “Full Body Workout”. I did this on Wednesday for 3 rounds and my arms are still aching while I am typing this. This is one serious and hardcore workout.

Note: Please refer to youtube for correct form and posture for all the workouts you don’t know. Will try to link it up from next time.

What are your weekend plans??  I will be deep cleaning and sorting the left over unopened boxes on Saturday. Sunday it’s a Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. So will be busy doing puja and preparing dishes. Will post in detail on Monday.

Have a great weekend and let me know your experience about this full body workout.


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